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Journey to Ganga Sagar 2021 for Holy Bath

Foreigners in Ganga Sagar Journey to Ganga Sagar 2021 for Holy Bath The Sagar island which is called Ganga Sagar is a holy place for thousands of Hindu pilgrimage. In Makar Sankranti, Approx, 5 - 6 Lac people of Hindu pilgrimage gathered here for a holy bath in a small place. There is Proverbs in Bengali that is " Sab Tirths Bar Bar Ganga Sagar ak Ba r" which means "All-holy places many times but Ganga Sagar one time". It was said like this because in the past time lots of people were lost and died in Ganga Sagar Yatra . So, it was a very difficult pilgrimage site.   Why people gather in Ganga Sagar in Makar Sankranti? or What is the Importance of Ganga Sagar or the Story of Ganga Sagar? As per mythology,  Kardam Muni made a pact with Lord Vishnu if he agrees to come to earth as a son of Kardam Muni then he will undergo the rigors of marital life. So, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Kapil muni as a son of  Kardam Muni and became a great saint.   Kapil M

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