Weekend getaway from Kolkata- Bakkhali, Henry island and Fraserganj

Bakkhali, Henry island, Fraserganj is a place for good refreshments for them who are tired of their daily life. Are you finding a weekend destination near Kolkata Want a weekend getaway from Kolkata? Then form my point of view Bakkhali should be your Kolkata weekend getaways. You are a travel group in Kolkata and you are 8-12 people then it cost is approx. Rs 1000/person. Here you will get a little test of a beach with white sand so, you don't need to go white beach resort Andaman.  It's a good destination to enjoy the weekend. There are very fewer people visits here so it is not congested, you will get your own place. If you are a frequent traveler and want to explore new places then you will definitely like this place.

Essential Information before traveling to Bakkhali

  • Bakkhali is not too much-developed area - there is only one ATM at the time when we visited there so you Should Bring Sufficient cash.
  • If you want Alcohol you should bring with you or if you don't want to bring then first try to buy at Namkhna(Last Station Towards Bokkhali) as there is only one liquor shop at Bakkhali.
  • Bakkhali is not too much safe place there are many casualties happens. You should come out of the water to backhaul beach when the water level rises. When the security guard calls you then you must come out...

Destinations near Bakkhali

  • Bakkhali Beach
  • Henry Island
  • Fresherganj
  • Kargil Beach Bakkhali
  • Jambudweep / Jambudwip
  • Crocodile Project Bakkhali
  • Bonobibi Temple / Bonbibi Temple

Bakkhali beach :

As it is a 6 to 7 km long beach you will get a magnificent view here. You can play on white beach sand. If you go there in March April month you will experience a stunning view of sand wind or wave then you should need a sand wind dust goggles. We ware highly fascinated by the sand waves. Also, you will get a spectacular view of the sparrow-hook(Jhau) jungle. The disappointment you will find here that is at the time of Vata water will go too far from the coast and at the time of Joar water will come too close. At the time of Joar, you should not be too far from the coastline.

Henry Island :

It derives its name from a British traveler who came here in the 19th century. A lonely stunning view of this beach you will be charmed. And you will get a little bit test of Sundarbans. You will get a surrounding view from the watchtower which is amazing.

Henry's Island

Fresherganj :

It derives Its name from Sir Andrew Fresher, Lieutenant governor of  Bengal (1903 To 1908). It is also a lonely beach. You will get a good view of the wind meal and a broken house here.


Kargil Beach Bakkhali 

You can't find this place on google map. You will see it on the way from Fresherganj jetty ghat towards Fresherganj beach.


 It is a lonely Island 8 km away from the main coastline. If you want to go there you have to hire a boat from Freshergung jetty ghat it cost around 1800/boat in offseason.

Deer (Crocodile project bokkhali)

Crocodile project Bakkhali 

It's a crocodile breeding facility. you have to buy a ticket 10/person if you want to visit this place. You can take a quick look at deer and if you are lucky a quick look at a crocodile in here. It is not too far, 5 min from Bokkhali beach.
Bonobibi temple

Bonobibi temple / Bonbibi Temple 

It situated on the coastline of Bakkhali beach 5 min towards the left side coast. you will get a mind-blowing view of the jungle here.

Tour Planning Bakkhali

Start your journey Saturday morning. you will reach within 12 PM. Then take the time to find the hotel. Try to negotiate as much as possible. Then take your lunch. After that enjoy the first day at Bokkhali beach and visit Bonobibi temple and book an engine van for the next day travel(#Henry's Island #Fresherganj #Kargil Beach).

Start early morning around 5 AM if you want to visit Jambu Dwip. The engine van will take you henry's island, Freshergung jetty ghat, Benfish,  Kargil beach, Freshergung wind project, Freshergung beach. It will take around 4 hours (extra 3-4 hours if you want to go jambu Dwip) a total of 8 hours. You will be back within 1:30 PM. Then take your lunch. After that take a quick look at the crocodile project. Thereafter enjoying Bokkhali beach or want to return do what you want.

Bakkhali hotels :

You will find hotels here from Rs700 to Rs6000 for two-person.

How To Reach Bakkhali
Kolkata to Bakkhali distance is 125KM. To reach Kolkata to Bakkhali take a local train from Sealdah to Namkhana at 5:7 AM(next train at 7:10 AM). You will reach Namkhana at 8:02 AM. Then take Van/Toto from station to jetty ghat and cross the river Bakkhali bridge was not completed. After that walk 5 min or take a van towards the bus stand and take the bus towards Bokkhali. It takes around 30 min to reach the bus stand and 40 min bus journey. Buss is always available there.

**I have written this blog on my personal experience in the off-season(April). 

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Bokkhali Beach Entrance
Frazergunj Jetti Ghat
Near Bonobibi Temple

Frazergunj Beach


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