KATAO, The Switzerland Of Sikkim In India

Katao, The Switzerland of Sikkim, India

Most of the time, Vacation for a reach family in snowy hills means Switzerland in Alps, Europe but they forget the world's largest mountain is The Himalaya and most of the part of Himalaya is in India. Katao In North Sikkim is a place where you can enjoy the snow and scenery of the snowy Himalayan mountains. So if you have very little budget and want to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland you don't need to go there just go any Himalayan destination. For this blog, I will write about Katao in Sikkim
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is such a place you will not forget your rest of life. You will be amazed by seeing one by one scenery on the way toward Katao. As per our experience, the first wow moment is when we saw the narrow tire tracks in the snow. After a few minutes, another moment arrives when we saw a little valley with small huts covered with snow and surrounded by a snowy pine tree. Then the count has increased a lot. Some of the moments were Khanda Waterfalls covered with snow, the snowy zig-zag road toward the top of  Mt. Katao. We also have experienced experience of a little bit of snowfall and many more. Please see the above youtube video, then you can easily understand.

See the 360-degree Image of  Katao, The  Switzerland Of Sikkim, India. 

Q. Why Should we visit Katao Switzerland Of Sikkim, India, or Sikkim state instead of any other place in Himalaya?

We can visit any place in Himalaya but Katao is such a place that not many people have explored so, you will find very few people there so, you will find more beauty than people. If we see in the broader picture Sikkim is also not much explored by people from the rest of India. most of the people came here from Bengal. 


 Another important difference is culture. People of Sikkim ethnically belong to Tebbet so, when you reach Gangtalk you will feel you have reached Tebet. All the buildings will resemble Tibetan architecture. You will find monastery here but not any big Hindu temple. 

You will also find Ladakh like a plane desert-like landscape if you go for Gurudangmar lake.

In Nathula you can see India china border military check-post with chines troops. This is an international port, India and china do ship goods by this port but not many people crossed to each other country. 

Q. What is the  Location of  Katao, The Switzerland Of Sikkim, India?

Sikkim is a very unique and strategic location, Nepal is in the west, north, and northeastern part is Tebbet, eastern part Bhutan and in the south, you will find Bangladesh is very close.  Katao is located in North Sikkim. It is a border mountain between India and Tibet. To reach there first need to reach Lachung valley and from there have to go Katao approx 20KM or 40 minutes distance. You can see the bellow map for map location. 
 Q. How to reach Katao, The Switzerland Of Sikkim, India?

Katao is located in North Sikkim. You can reach up to Gangtalk by public transport but for North Sikkim, you have to book a package tour for North Sikkim wich includes Lachen, Gurodangmar Lake, Lachung, Youmthang valley but for Katao and zero-point they will ask extra money. Package for North Sikkim includes food, staying, and transport. For North Sikkim, you can also hire a bike.

Q. How much it costs for the trip of Katao The Switzerland Of Sikkim, India?  

For a package tour, it depends on how many people and which type of car you are taking. The most affordable trip will be if you are 7 or 8 people and book a Bularo or Tata Sumo. For our trip, it costs 50,000 for 7 people wich includes everything NJP to NJP except Katao and zero point (Rs.2500 extra for each destination for 7 people ). For byke rent, it will take 1500 to 3000/day. It varies byke to byke season to season.

Q. When or which time we Should go or visit Katao The Switzerland Of Sikkim, India?

To enjoy the particularly snowy scenery of Katao you should visit between march end to April 2nd week.



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