Is it safe to travel from India to Japan?

Japan Temple

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When you travel to another country, which you very little knowledge then the first question comes to mind that is it safe to travel? In this scenario, If you ask this question to any frequent traveler "Is it safe to travel from India to Japan?" you will get laughter and the word "YES" in response.

Japan is very safe to travel. Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world. If you want to travel with your family in the late-night no problem do not need to worry. Not to worry much that someone is going to pickpocket you or someone going to rip you off. 

When I am telling you about super safe means 99.99 percent that means there is a possibility something may happen that's why you need some precaution to travel. From the Indian perspective, Japan is safer than India to travel, In India, foreigners can't consider that they can travel alone anywhere at night. From this perspective, Japan is much safer. But If you are female you need to do concern about a few things in some scenario please see this video about the experience working foreigner in Japan 

precautions need to follow to travel in Japan:

  1. Avoid traveling in rush hours, as there have lots of people and lots of traffic all public transport is packed you are not able to travel, you can think like Mumbai local, Sealdah local.
  2. Is some street there is no sidewalk so there you will see some white line this is considered as sidewalk otherwise you may come in front of some cars. 
  3. There are lots of cars and bikes and like India, they follow the left side drive rule and like Indian many of them not willing to obey the traffic rules always so, when you cross the street first look right then left and cross. 
  4. If you are female then please avoid the packed subway in Tokyo or something like that. It feels uncomfortable for a female if some people are close to you. If you fall in this kind of scenario please don't feel shy to push him away. 
  5. If you are female avoid travel early morning rather than night. Like in India, there are few bad intentional men so, try to avoid crowded places to avoid getting touched or taking pictures. Avoid wearing small skirts as there is a problem with hidden camera things. 
  6. As their very few pickpocketing happens means but it better to take safety precautions. It is a cash-based society like India so, keep some cash at the hotel before you go out. 
  7. If you are lost go to the Police rather than anonymous, they will show you where to go.
  8. keep some basic medicine for like for gas, fever, cold.  

Concerns to travel in Japan:

  1. The most Concern thing about Japan is an earthquake and tsunami-prone zone. If it happens this is an act of God, you can't do much about this. For this please find the instruction from the government website about what should you do that time before traveling to Japan.
  2. Japan is not an English speaking country so you should know how to communicate for basic things without knowing the language. Please see some vlog and see how they are communicating. At least learn a few words like Arigato(Thank you), Konnichiwa(Hi), Matane(bye), which way, I want, like this. 


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