Jaunsari Tribe


India is such a place where a wide variety of cultures and cultural people present. In the Himalaya and the northeast mountain, you will find most of the unique culture which includes a few traditions which violate basic human rights (Debatable). Jaunsar Bawar is a place in Uttarakhand polyandry (polyandry: one woman can have 2 or more husbands | polygamy: One man can have 2 or more wives) is practiced till now. 

Location & Geography of  Jaunsar Bawar :

This is a hilly forested area and located under the Dehradun district border with Himachal. The lower area is the Jaunsar and the snow cap area is the Bawar. Trees like Pine, Deodar, Spruce in the upper hill region made this place important for timber even in the British period. Jaunsar Bawar peoples are using more than 100 pants to cure illness.

History of  Jaunsar Bawar :

Here is a history of this area, Jaunsar Bawar was a part of Srimur Hill Kingdom of Himachal Pradesh. When Gorkhas are captured Shimla and travel towards Kangra then the king asked help from the British. British defeated them and asked 2 lac rupees then from the king. King doesn't have this amount of money so the king gifted land between tons and the Yamuna river in which Jaunsar Bawar is located.

Jaunsar Bawar Cultural importance

The culture matches with ethnic people of Shimla rather than Dehradun. The unique difference is polyandry here one woman can have multiple husbands but the husbands need to be a brother. people of Jaunsar and Bawar traced their origin to Pandavas and Kauravas. The local people said that the Jaunsar people are descendants of Pandavas and Bawar peoples descendants of Kauravas. They don't mix each other by marrying. Some of them identify themself as they are direct descendent Pandavas and Kauravas. They have a concept of bride price. To marry a girl need to pay a price to the bride's family. Divorce is not a taboo for this culture. If a girl wants a divorce then her parent has to return the bride price and another man wants to marry the girl then he has to pay the price. Now Polyandry is wiping out fast as people are connected to the world.

Why should travel Jaunsar Bawar : 

If want to do some research on people's culture you should check this place for your work. This is a hilly place with very few people so you can have your own space you can easily find some homestay. Stay a few days with locals and experience the different tests of travel. 

Direction to Jaunsar Bawar

How to reach Jaunsar Bawar:

You can drive there via Vikash Nagar- Chakrata - Tiuni rode and you can also find govt and private bus to rich there. Vikash Nagar is located in the bank of the Yamuna river near to the place where 4 state UP, Harina, Himachal, Uttrakhand are divided.

Q. Reason behind polyandry marriage.

Ans. The main reason polyandry is not to divide the land among brothers another reason is tradition. 


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