Maithon Dam & Panchet Dam The Ha Long Bay of Eastern India

Maithon Dam & Panchet Dam, The Ha Long Bay of Eastern India

If you are wondering about a lonely place that you can spend your weekend, I am recommending you for this place. It is not too far away from Kolkata, around 4.5 hours journey. Here at Maithon will get a little test of a spectacular view like a small hill is peeking from water as you find at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The next day when you wake up from bed in the early morning you will get an eye-catching view of sunrise from the back of the hill. Maithon and Panchet both are water barriers on two different river Barakar River and Damodar River, located in the border area of West Bengal and Jharkhand, 45km away from Dhanbad town. Maithon is the first place where an underground hydroelectric power facility was contracted in the whole Southeast Asia region.


Places to visit for Maithon Panchet Tour :

  • Maithon Dam
  • Panchet Dam
  • Kalyaneshwari Temple
  • Dahibari Coal Mine

Time to visit for Maithon Panchet Tour :

As usual, winter is the season to visit this place but if you like to experience a lonely view, then I will recommend you that you should go for off-season and avoid the rainy season. In winter lots of people come here for a picnic, so the area becomes too dirty and crowded. As per our experience, we have visited there in March. 

How to reach Maithon Panchet :

To reach there you have to get off the train at Barakar station, the station before Dhanbad if you traveling from Kolkata. There is only one direct train in the morning which is BLACK DIAMOND EXPso you better target this train.  From there you have to hire an auto to reach Maithon.

  • Train Ticket: 105/- Per Person
  • Auto Fare: 150. (They will ask more you need to bargain)

Train Time to reach Maithon Panchet : 

  1. 06.15AM(Howrah) - 10.09AM(BLACK DIAMOND EXP)
  2. 11.45AM(Kolkata) - 03.49PM(JAMMU TAWI EXP)
  3. 01.10PM(Howrah) - 04.21PM(SHAKTI PUNJ EXP)
  4. 05.20PM(Howrah) - 08.44PM(COAL FIELD EXP)

The place to stay at Maithon Panchet :

Hotel Price at Maithon Panchet : 

West Bengal Government Tourist Lodge price. It is a luxury hotel price. 
  1. A.C Deluxe Double Bedded Room: 2500 per night(Max 2 Adult).
  2. A.C Standard Double Bedded Room: 1800 per night(Max 2 Adult).
  3. AC COTTAGES: 2000 per night(Max 2 Adult).
  • You can also check this DVC Guest House Majumdar Nivas. This guest house is located on a man-made island. You can contact this number for price and more information on 06540 279 465.
  • Also, you can find OYO rooms from ₹800 for 2 guests.

The place to eat at Maithon Panchet : 

You have to do lunch dinner at the hotel you are staying in. You can find some tea shop, there you can do some tiffin but not more than that. From evening this area becomes much darker, no street light there. It's better to stay at the hotel after the evening especially if you are female. The next day when you will go for Panchet, you will find a few hotels so you can lunch there.

Travel Plan for Maithon Panchet : 

Day 1:
  • After reaching Barakar station, take some tiffin there and after that find an auto to reach Maithon, it will take approx. 30 min. They will charge approx. rs 150 but they will ask more but you need to bargain. After reaching the hotel take a shower and become fresh and have lunch and take a little bit rest. 
  • After that go out for visit. You will find a narrow road passed by the Diya guest house on the right side, if you walk on this road for 5 minutes you will find a spectacular view a little bit like Ha Long Bay, Vietnam not much but something like that. 
  • After spending some time there and before evening try to reach the Maithon lock gate. Enjoy some moment there and stay till evening. In the evening you will find some lighting on the barrage road. After that do some tiffin there and reach the hotel.
Day 2:

  • The next day tries to wake up before sunrise so you can experience the sunrise from the back of the hill. 
  • After that go for a boat ride, It will take you to some extent deep water, there you will get a nice view of mountains which are peeked from the water. It takes around 20 minutes and boat fare starts from around 400. 
  • Now do some tiffin and if it is not too late you can go for tracking to a Pahari Baba's Temple which is located on a hilltop. There you will find a birds-eye view of the Maithon dam. It takes around 2 hours. 
  • Try to return as soon as possible from Pahari Baba's Temple. And book an auto for Panchet, Dahibari coalmine, and Kalyaneshwari Temple and after that, he will leave you to the station. So go to the hotel to become fresh and checkout. The auto will charge around 650 or may ask more.
  • First, they will take you to Kalyaneshwari Temple. Temple is located 20 min away from Maiton. There you can find a small waterfall. Usually, people spend there for around 1 hour.
  • From there go for the Dahibari coal mine. It is a huge open coal mine. If you were never gone to the coal mine, Then it will be a nice experience. 
  • Now go for Panchet. You can do lunch on the way to Panchet or returning from there. The view of Panchet is totally different from Maiton. You can see the water from here much farther. You can go down to the barrage. There are lots of rocks you can take a nice pic from there.
  • Now return to the Barakar station and board the Black Diamond Express at 05.04PM. 


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