Bishnupur Mela For Terracotta art | পোড়ামাটির মেলা বিষ্ণুপুর

Bishnupur Mela Gate
Bishnupur Mela Gate

Bishnupur Mela For Terracotta art | পোড়ামাটির মেলা বিষ্ণুপুর

At Christmas, if you are wondering where should you travel the best place you should visit in Bishnupur. Bishnupur is a world heritage city. Here you can see 15th to 17-century temples which are covered with terracotta art. Christmas is the best time because this is time for Bishnupur Mela. In this Mela, you can find lots of handcraft made with Pora Mati (Burnt Soil). Apart From Handcraft of Pora Mati, You can buy here Baluchuri and Sarnachuri sari of Bishnupur Tath. 

How to reach Bishnupur Mela?

To reach Bishnupur Mela you have to come to Bishnupur first via Bus as Train service is not available due to Pandemic. There are lots of direct buses from Kolkata and Bishnupur is located beside Durgapur Kharagpur Highway so reaching here is not a taught job. From the stand, it is 10 minutes walking distance towards Ramananda College. 

Why should I visit Bishnupur Mala? Or what is the attraction of Bishnuputr Mela?

Bishnurpur is a world heritage site. This city is more than 1500 years old city. It was the capital of Malla Kings that is why it is called Mallabhum. First Malla King was seated on the crown in the year 697. 
Bishnupur has lots of art to offer to the word and those are dying and you also can experience the art in this Mela. 
  •  The most affected art is Handcraft of Pora Mati. This Mela is the boost for the art to remain alive.
  •  Another vulnerable art is Lamp made of tin which is called lantern লণ্ঠন because electricity we don't need lantern লণ্ঠন any more.
  • Drumঢাক ঢোল manufacturing by hand is another major art of Bankura District.
  • The most popular art is Baluchori and Sarnuchuri sari made by Bishbupur Weaver(তাঁতী). This is not dying art but they export these saris to the word but I don't know how much percentage of the selling price Weaver(তাঁতী) are getting.
You can come here not only for the Mela but you can see lots of Historic temple-like Jorbangla Temple, Rash Moncho, Radhamathab Temple and also Dalmadal Top and many more just rent a Toto and within  3-4 hours, you can visit all these temples. 

When Should I visit Bishnupur Mela?

Every December government organized this Mela for 5 days from 23rd December to 27th December.

What are the mandatory things to keep in mind before visit Bishnupur Mela?

  • Please book the hotel in advance if you are planning to stay here. 
  • If you are planning to return the same day at night then book the bus ticket for return when you arrive.
  • Mela will be ongoing till late night but not the whole night so plan accordingly where should you stay.

Is there any event in Bishnupur Mela?

Yes, there are lots of artists and singers from Kolkata and Mumbai but in 2020 only from Kolkata because of the Pandemic.

Are those events are free or need to buy a ticket for the event in Bishnupur Mela?

All the events are free don't need to buy a ticket for the events.