Pak Army Found Converting Un Mission Employees To Islam In Congo


Pak Army Found Converting Un Mission Employees To Islam In Congo

Pakistan has once again made a headline for all wrong reasons. The shocking news has come from Africa that a Pakistan army Colonel who was tasked with UN duties in congo has been found that is converting un mission employees to Islam in the country.

Islam is the minority religion in the democratic republic of congo. Here Catholicism 45%, Protestant 40% Kimbangusm 5% Islam 5% other 5%.

Colonel Sakib Mustaki was a Pakistani commander part of UN forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This Pakistani commander approached a few Christian UN mission employees to accept ISLAM.

The general headquarters has also launched an internal inquiry into the incident. It is not clear that what action will be taken against Pakistani Official.

This is not the first time that the Pakistani army official part of the UN mission hade made the headline for the wrong reason.

In 2012 2 Pakistani formed police units were accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old mentally challenged boy repeatedly.

The shocking incident forced Islamabad to initiate a court marcel proceeding against the official.

 It was revealed that such incidents had been occurring science 2005.

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