4 Headed with 5 Branches Palm Tree in Jangalmahal, Bankura, West Bengal


4 headed with 5 branches Palm tree

4 Headed with 5 Branches Palm Tree in Jangalmahal, Bankura, West Bengal

Have you ever seen a palm tree with more than one branch, I believe most of you have not but there is a place where you can find it.
It is a very rarest scenario where you can see unbelievable things like this, for this scenario usually you will find a palm tree that has one head but in this rarest case you will see a palm tree with 4 heads and a total of 5 branches. You can see this in the below video.

Where I can find this 4 headed with 5 branches palm tree?

In jungle Mahal, there is a place named Laxmisagar in Bankura district (West Bengal, India). Here you will find this rarest 4 Headed palm tree.

4 Headed palm tree Jungle Mahal Bankura

How to reach here?

If you coming via car then you first reach Bankura then take Bankura-Jhargram highway and reach to Simlapal and then cross the town and after crossing Silaboti river take right turn toward Khatra and continue for 6-7 KM and you reach Laxmisagar. Now from here go toward Laxmisagar hospital and near to the hospital you will see this palm tree.
You can come here via Khatra also. For that first reach, Khatra then take the route to Simlapal via Laxmisagar. From Laxmisagar same route. The Distance between Laxmisagar to the palm tree is 2.5KM.

4 matha tal gach

How to reach here via public transport?

If you are coming from Kolkata the best way to reach take a bus to Khatra from Khatra take bus towards Simlapal via Laxmisagar and from Laxmisagar take a toto to reach the spot.
Otherwise, you can also take a train to Bankura from Bankura take a bus towards Jhargram and came down at Simlapal nodi ghat stop and from there take a bus towards Khatra and came down at Laxmisagar and take a toto to reach the spot.

5 headed palm tree Jungle Mahal Bankura

Where to stay while visiting 4 headed Palm Tree?

There is no place to stay at Laxmisagar so, after visiting please reach Khatra approx. 30 min via bus and there you Will find lots of lodges to stay.

How to plan to visit 4 headed palm tree?

You should not come here only to visit this 4 headed palm tree please plan it when you are planning to visit Mukutmanipur which is located 5km away from Khatra or Jhilimili.
You can visit here while traveling to Mukutmanipur or returning from Mukutmanipur, on the way you can see but you have to take Simlapal route and have to travel via car.
If you planning to visit via public transport then you have to keep a dedicated day or half-day for this place.

4 Headed palm tree Laxmisagar Bankura

5 branches palm tree  Laxmisagar Bankura