Bakkhali is seriously damaged due to Cyclone Amphan and Bulbul


Bakkhali is seriously damaged due to Cyclone Amphan and Bulbul

For the last 5 to 7 years Bakkhali became a popular destination. People from Kolkata are wanting to spend their weekend in Bakkhali rather than Digha. It was a nice place to spend the weekend but now it is not as, beach-like Frehergaunj, Henry Island is heavily damaged due to cyclones Amphan and Bulbul.
Hear in this blog I am comparing the experience between 2016 and 2021. Also, you can see this below vlog.

When I visited in 2016 at that time there was no direct connectivity between Kolkata and Bakkhali. At that time in 2016 first had to reach Namkhana via train or bus then had to take a Toto to reach khaya Ghat and had to cross a small river then again take rickshaw or Toto to bus stand again had to take a bus or small car to reach Bakkhali. But now a new bridge has been constructed so, you can take a direct bus to Bakkhali from Dharmatala.

In recent years the Bakkhali witnessed two serious cyclones Amphan and Bulbul. The damages can be noticed in the above vlog. When I reached Frehergaunj my first impression was 180 degrees different from 2016. You can see the beauty of Frehergaunj below video and other places of Bakkhali in the below link.
Henry island:
Bakkhali beach:


Now all the beach sand has vanished and the beautiful house was destroyed totally. In one word no beauty at all.

When we reached Bakkhali we see a huge crowd on Bakkhali's main sea beach. Earlier as the place is not connected well, That's why people used to come less and the place was very lonely and beautiful but now it became very dirty and crowded. Sea beach is covered with huge amounts of garbage. If anyone visited earlier people then his impression will be very bad. But the main beach not due to the cyclone but damaged due to crowds.

Connectivity to Henry island is now blocked do not know the exact reason. You can see the 2016 henry island in the below video.