DD International: India will make BBC-Like International News Channel


DD International: India will make BBC-Like International News Channel

The Central Government Of India has decided to create a new news channel to project India's view of the world. India's target to make a big news channel like BBC to push India's view. It is big news for India. In the last 10 years, India did nothing to make image building. To make our global image India gives responsibility to the international media and International media ruthlessly makes India's image very bad for their own gain and views. 

The American news outlet understands that it will sell in the market if they show India's poverty rather than other things. If they show that India is an emerging country, Indias middle-class is being strong, launches of  ISRO rocket, It will not sell in the market. They are focussing mainly on India's negative things. 

In the last 5 years, they made India's Image like if there is any rape, sexual assault then it only happens in India but still, India needs to address this issue but this issue presents everywhere in the world in the US, UK, Europe almost all the countries but whenever they report on India they report on negative prospective. It is not like that they have a problem with India, they say that because it sells.

Now the time has come that we make our Image and recently we saw that we fall very low in different global indexes. Recently they show the pandemic situation in a different manner compared to Italy and Europe without caring about our sensitivity. When they made coverage on France, Italy they made the very dignified way they never show any dead body in caffeine. They need to show India in a dignified way rather than making India a poster child of poverty. It does not mean that India does not have any poverty or we will not discuss India's poverty but it needs to present a dignified way.

Now the question is it is not a bad thing that the government will do this work rather than a private channel. Let's see Internationally lots of news channels are there which are government-funded like BBC which is UK government-funded, RT is Russian government-funded, France 24 which is French government-funded, Voice of America which funded by the US government and in the middle east Al-Jazeera which is funded by Quater. 

India chooses the name DD International. DD International will be all different major language like french, Portuguese. DD International will be handled by Prasar Bharti News Service and headquarter will be in New Delhi. 

The core belief of this channel needs to be Satyamavo Jayate otherwise it will be a propaganda channel.  It needs to be neutral. If there is any bad thing in India, they need to show and need to criticize it then the world will appreciate it.