GHAGAR GHAT River Silaboti, A New Picnic Spot in Bankura

Ghagar Ghat - River Silaboti, A New Picnic Spot in Bankura

A well-known river Silaboti, people often ignore the literal meaning of Silaboti. Silaboti = Sila + Boti where Sila means rock and Boti means contains something. So, Silaboti is a river that contains rocks. If you track the river from its origin then you will find lots of rocky places within the Purulia and Bankura district. Ghagar is the rockiest place where the river Silaboti flows on the rock located in Bankura district.

One of the most beautiful destinations in south Bengal.  It is unknown to the people of Bengal even people of the Bankura district. Such a unique place is only known to the people who are living within approx 10KM radios of Ghagar. Due to the internet and social media more and more people are now aware of this place.

If you planning to visit here, you can mail at I will arrange something for you as it is my native place.

Why should I visit Ghagar Ghat - river Silaboti?

Ghagar is a giant continuous rocky place that covered approx 1 km Long. River Silaboti flows over the continuous rock. The view is amazing and experiences the bath in Crystal clear water of the river. If you want to do a picnic, this is the best place for it. If enough people are aware of the place then it will be a hot destination for making videography.

Where Ghagar Ghat - river Silaboti is located?
Ghagar is located in Bankura district near Khatra(20KM away from Khatra).

How to reach Ghagar Ghat - river Silaboti?
To reach here there are many ways but the best and easiest way is first to reach Khatra which is the town before reaching Mukutmanipur and from Khatra take the route to reach Harmasara which is approx 20KM away from Khatra. There is a small bus stop named Moirara 3km before reaching Harmasara.
From here Ghagar is 3 kilometers. You will find a small narrow street going towards Tilaboni take this road and continue on this road for 3 km. Clear instruction has been provided in my YouTube video, if you want you can see it there.

Can I reach Ghagar Ghat - river Silaboti via Bus or public transport?
Technically yes, but practically not. There are 7-8 buses which travel through this road so you can go there via bus but time management will be very critical eventually it will take the whole day and if you miss the last bus then there is no place to stay at night and there is no place for lunch. So it is better to come via car or bike. If you come here via bus then you have to walk for 3 kilometers. If it is a car then have to walk for a kilometer or if it is a byke then you can reach to the place via byke no need to walk.

How to plan to visit Ghagar Ghat - river Silaboti?
When are planning to visit here don't plan specific to Ghagar you should plan it with Mukutmanipur. Day1 visit Mukutmanipur then day2 while returning return by visiting this place it will take 2-3 hours total to visit.