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Mousuni Island Tent
Mousuni Island Tent

 Night Stay at Goa of Bengal - Mousuni Island Travelers Camp - Tent - Bonfire - Barbecue Chicken

Mousuni Island in other words The Goa of Bengal is now becoming a popular destination for the younger generation for the weekend spend. Thanks to social media we are able to know new travel destinations like this. People are now wanting to experience some different kind of outing, to do so Mousuni Island Camp is the nearest place from Kolkata. Here people are experiencing like camping in a tent, experiencing exciting night ambiance with a Camp Fire in other word Bonfire, Grilled chicken prepared while dong Camp Fire and the Boat Party during the evening time.

How to go Mousuni Island?

To reach Kolkata to Mousuni Island best and easiest way is to travel via Bus. You can board any bus between Kolkata and Bakkhali and have to Get off the bus at Shibrampur which is away 6-7 KM before reaching Bakkhali. From Shibrampur you can hire a Toto and it will take 10-15 minutes to reach Hujuter Khaya ghat. If you are coming via Car you can find Car parking here or. Now you have to cross via boat and from there. If you are coming via bike you can cross the river via Boat with your bike. To cross they will ask Rs. 140 for 1 byke and 2 people and for only people 30 rupees Each.  The camp is approx 6KM away from this ghat.  If you are not coming by Bike There are lots of Toto to reach the camp. They will ask Rs. 35 for each to reach the camp.

Note: If you are coming via byke in the peak season which is from mid-December to Mid January then you should go to Durgapur ghat which is 6-7 KM away from the main Kolkata-Bakkhai Hiway otherwise you may have to wait approx 2 hours at Hujut Ghat but Durgapur ghat will be empty there is no car parking facility and no proper public transport. 

Mousuni island best camp to stay.

There are approx 50 camps were there when we have visited there but most of them are heavily congested. You can find only a few camps which are not congested and you will get enough space. The camp where we stayed is Skylar. From my point of view, this is the best place to stay as their area is much wider compared to others and very few tents in such a wide place.

At Skylar, there are 4 types of facilities where you can stay.

  • Straw Shaded Tent (Approx Rs.1200 -1700 each with welcome drinks, lunch, and Dinner)
  • Open Family Tent (Approx Rs.1100 -1600 each with welcome drinks, lunch, and Dinner)
  • Large Straw Shaded Room (Approx Rs.1300 -2000 each with welcome drinks, lunch, and Dinner)
  • Small Straw Shaded Room (Approx Rs.1300 -2000 each with welcome drinks, lunch, and Dinner)

 Note: For extra food like Barbecue Chicken, Extra fish Dish, Kakra you have to pay extra. 

  • bbq chicken (Approx. Rs.400-600/KG )
  • Extra fish Dish, Kakra (For this you have to bring Kakra and Fish from Market and they will prepare for you and they will ask for preparation charge which is approx Rs.150 -250/KG )

Things to do at Mousuni Island

People came here mainly for camping in a tent. Beside camping, you will experience Bonefire, exiting night ambiance, Boat party during the evening. If you want you can go to Jambu Dwip vai this boat during day time. For the boat-related activity, you have to book differently.

How long should I stay at Mousuni Island?

From my Point of view, One night will be enough if you are not willing to go to Janbu dip and do Boat Party.

Mousuni Island Tent

Skylar Camp Mousuni Island

Mousuni Island Beach

Mousuni Island Tent View

Mousuni Island

Camping in Mousuni Island

Mousuni Island Camping