Palas Flower, The Flame Of Forest

Palas Flower

Palas Flower - The Flame Of Forest

Most of the tourists are very much excited about the cherry blossom of Japan. Undoubtedly the cherry blossoms are one of the best seasonal beauty of the world but I am here to tell you about another flower which is also one of the best in the world.
Palas Flowers, The flame of Jungle can be your next destination. To visit there you do not need to go to Japan or abroad palas flowers are present across India in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, West Bengal. Here I am going to tell you about places in West Bengal.

When we can see Palas Flowers?
Palas Flowers are bloomed during spring and exact time varies from time to time and place to place. It blooms exactly when winter is going away and Summer is coming and stays approx 10-12 days. Sometimes Palas Flowers blooms in march end and sometimes it blooms April first.

Palas Flower Tree

Where can I see palas flowers?
If you travel to Bankura and Purulia during spring on the way besides road you can notice lots of palas flowers. But I will specially mention a palas jungle you can see in the above YouTube video also. The Jungle is located beside tourist place Ghagar in Bankura district 20km away from Khatra.

Palas Flower Tree Bankura

How to reach there?
To reach there first reach Khatra there are lots of night service bus from Kolkata to Khatra or reach Bankura then reach Khatra from Khatra there are very less number of busses to reach there it will be better if you book a car. From Khatra travel towards Harmasara and before reaching Harmasara in Moirara take the right turn toward Ghagar. Ghagar is the most beautiful place in Bankura. You can see this in the below video.

How to plan to visit this Palas jungle?
If you are planning to visit Mukutmanipur add this with this plan. It will take 3-4 houses to visit this Palas jungle and the Ghagar. To visit here make a group and book a car to visit here.
You can also mail to this mail id then I will arrange all for you(paid service).